Donation Request

Crystal Hot Springs is proud to support charitable organizations in the communities around us. If the non-profit organization you represent is interested in donated swim passes, download and fill out the donation request form at the bottom of the page and email it back to us. This process is intended to provide Crystal Hot Springs information we need to make a decision, as well as saving time for both parties.

Donations requests are reviewed on a monthly basis and must be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to the event to be considered. A response to your request will be sent via email to you within 30 days, so please include a valid email address and contact information. If your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation by email.

We are honored to receive many charitable requests, but we are not able to support all of requests given to us. Due to this, we generally will not fund monetary donations.

Donation/ Special Group Rate Request Form

Crystal Hot SpringsDonation Request