Swimming Prices


Pool Pass

Senior Citizens                                                                                                                   
Children (Ages 3-12)                                                                                                      
Ages 2 and under (Swimmer diapers are required even if toilet trained.) Free

Pool & Slide Pass

All Ages (Must be at least 42″ tall) $12.00
2 Day Swim/Slide Pass   ***CAMPERS ONLY*** $20.00
Includes: Unlimited use of the slide and use of the pools. Slide is open Monday – Saturday, Sunday 11-6 during the summer, and open Monday-Friday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday  during the winter season.

Family Night

Wednesday nights from 4PM – 10PM
Family of 6 (Swim Only) $20.00
$4 fee per additional person.
Family of 6 (Swim and Slide) $25.00
$5 fee per additional person.

No one is allowed to enter the pool area before or after business hours.

Climbing fences or violating “no trespassing” signs will not be tolerated and can result in expulsion from the premises.

Tobacco, alcohol, or glass containers are not allowed in the pool area. All coolers and containers will be checked.

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